If I lost my dog in the woods, this is what I’d do….

I lost my dog in the woods of Harriman State Park

Dog lost (and then found) in Harriman State Park, New York.

I had no idea:  there is a network of tracker dog organizations that will (for FREE) come to where you’ve lost your dog, and aggressively and diligently work to find him. 

Dogs Finding Dogs looks like a cool group to call if you’re in this kind of trouble (OR if you’re interested in training your dog for “nose work”).

I hike almost every day, and almost every day I see a poster at a trailhead for a lost dog.  I always wonder, too: did he make it home?  Or is he still out there, wandering, and confused?  Or worse?

Here’s the link to the story of lost dogs in Harriman State Park, with reference to Dogs Finding Dogs, and Find Toto (another search service that delivers automated calls to hundreds of households within the area of your dog’s disappearance).

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