Great Rescue Photos — Now What?

You know that great pet photography on your Facebook timeline can get homeless or shelter pets home faster, and you have great photos from volunteers and professionals.  Now, MAKE SURE they fit the space!

I always feel a little sad when I see this:


We’re missing the smile.


I bet this guy has a really, really cute face….


ish I knew what they we

It reminds me that these animals are not in control of their own destiny; they rely on you to get the word out about them and to show them at their best.  And the pictures above are, surprisingly, really common: faces, tails, captions cropped out.

Think of your Facebook timeline as a shopfront, with little windows to the world, and remember that you have something that most businesses on Facebook would KILL for: a legitimate reason to post pictures of cute dogs and cats!  So, make sure you can see their faces.

Facebook has two different sizes for timeline photos: a regular post, and a highlight.  The dimensions are:

403 px x 403 px for a regular post;

843px wide x 403px high for a highlight picture. 

Crop them that way so you’re putting an appropriate frame on your pictures.

And to make them really stand out, and unify your page, you can also put a small, pinstripe border around them, to keep them from getting lost in the white space.  Like so (from the inspirational page of The Lost Dogs’ Home:


Great “centering” and framing of pet pictures on The Lost Dogs’ Home Facebook timeline. You can add a border manually to make sure your pictures don’t get lost in the white space of Facebook — doesn’t that look neater?

Great highlight pictures of pets are also surprisingly rare on Facebook timelines, but you can find excellent use of this feature at Tischman Pets Photography’s Facebook page, like so:


Some pictures are strong horizontals, perfect for the “highlight” feature on your Facebook page’s timeline. This is Junior Mint, by  Tischman Pets Photography.  She was available through Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, New York, in April, and I’d be amazed if she still is!

This is a simply beautiful picture, a strong horizontal that makes full use of the highlight format — again, sized for the space at 843px wide x 403px high.

Seeing a picture like this makes me think EVERYONE must be using “highlight”, but it’s not true.  It’s actually rare, and so it’s easy to stand out.


Not only are you making them look better on your timeline, but you’re making sure they look great on everybody else’s timeline and newsfeed.  And that’s more “shareable”.

Don’t forget that, for maximum sharing and interaction, almost every post to Facebook should be a picture that occupies the entire space.  If you’re linking to a blog article, just include the link after the picture has been included in the post, so it doesn’t include the (much smaller) thumbnail that comes with that link.

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