Is a Like as Good As a Share? Like and Comment on Facebook Pages to Boost Homeless Pets’ Visibility

Rescue Pet Puppy

You like it, you comment on it, you share it: They’re ALL helpful in finding homes for at-risk and shelter pets.

With so many homeless pets in your news feed, sometimes you hesitate to share them all.  It’s understandable if you feel that, if you do, you run the risk of losing friends who love animals but grow tired of the posts or feel helpless to do anything about the dogs and cats we are cross-posting.

And that’s counter-productive: if you have no Facebook friends left, it doesn’t matter how often you cross-post.  A big dilemma for those of us who love to share, but understand you need to have an audience with which to share.


Adorable, adoptable! This is Betty, and she’s at New York City Animal Care and Control. Here’s her thread on Bruised Not Broken:

But here’s a fact:  “Likes” and comments are also helpful.  And don’t listen when someone makes the comment: “”Likes” won’t save him!”.

Cuz, they just might.  Because when you “Like”, you’re giving a boost to the post’s rank.  The more engagement a post receives, the more likely it is to show up in the newsfeeds of page subscribers.

Comments work in the same way: they boost a dog or cat’s chances of showing up in someone’s news feed. 

Another thing:  you might not want to share a homeless animal on your page.  But “like” the post or make a comment, and that post will show up on your friends’ ticker.

Tweet this!

This makes the cheap, quick “Like” and comment a more valuable commodity than you might think.  In fact, while some rescues complain that they now have to pay Facebook to boost their page’s exposure in fans’ newsfeeds, what they should be doing, instead, is simply asking their fans for “Likes” and comments which, of course, are free.  At the very least, these actions shouldn’t be dismissed as meaningless.


This gorgeous shepherd is Jackie — have you ever seen a friendlier face? She’s available for adoption through SPCA of Westchester ( Great photo by Tischman Pet Photography.

They’re not.  They might even saves lives.  So don’t let anyone ever tell you that “Likes” don’t help.  Keep liking, keep commenting, and share when you can.

Plush rescued Australian Cattle Dog Gypsy from CharlieDog and Friends toy company

Gypsy is a plush Australian Cattle Dog toy from CharlieDog and Friends toy company, based on the real-life Gypsy, from Potsdam Humane Society. Photo by the gregarious Alice G. Patterson (

CharlieDog and Friends is currently offering 15% off ALL plush toys and “Adopt” collar bracelets with the following code: Happy15.  Use it at checkout!  All CharlieDog and Friends plush stuffed animal toys are based on real-life shelter and rescue animals, and spark donations to various local rescues.


3 thoughts on “Is a Like as Good As a Share? Like and Comment on Facebook Pages to Boost Homeless Pets’ Visibility

  1. LOVE this post! 🙂

    I definitely believe that a “share” is the best, most effective method of saving a homeless pet. BUT in the even that sharing isn’t an option, a “like” or a comment will still get the dog’s photo in front of some of your friends, and that’s most definitely better than doing nothing at all! I’ve learned that you just don’t know when YOUR share, like, or comment is going to be all it takes to save a life!

    Every night, I feel so overwhelmed by the huge kill list the shelter releases, and I have to be honest, when I share 14 dogs on my page, I don’t feel like ANY of them get the exposure they need. Lately I’ve made the decision to choose one or 2 dogs that I really feel connected to, and I network the daylights out of them. Then I “like” or comment on the other photos, in hopes of getting a few more eyes on them.

    • Yes! I agree. You reminded me of something Brooke from Bruised Not Broken said to me: You can’t go to the well too often. And she’s right — you’ll lose. But, Christina, if anyone has the right to feel overwhelmed, it’s you!!

      (I started a lifestyle Facebook page for Westchester County just so I could occasionally slip some adoptable dogs and cats in there. Haha! )

      • Haha, you sound like me. I have another FB page for my OTHER blog, which is a more personal blog than TLPB, and I occasionally try to share a dog or 2 there. Whatever it takes, right? 🙂

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