Our Pocket Pitties — for Mothers Day?

Our Pocket Pitties -- for Mothers Day?

I lost my Mom years ago to Alzheimer’s disease, but the memory of her is so strong. So every year, around Mothers Day, I find one mother I really admire and give her something. Something I would have given to my own mom. Something she didn’t need, but would maybe like. I love Mothers Day.

This year I’m pretty sure I’ll be sending little Pocket Pitties to some pretty special “moms”: women who have rescued pit bulls from dire circumstances, and given them the love they need and deserve.

I’ve transported a lot of pit bulls this year, and am so proud to have met these new “Moms” who took up the challenge and opened their home to a thrown-away dog.


4 thoughts on “Our Pocket Pitties — for Mothers Day?

    • I know — it never really goes away. Without giving away my age here, whenever I find myself in a conversation with a friend who’s talking about their mother, I always find myself thinking: You’re lucky. I wish my mom were still around. Thanks for commenting, Queen! (And thanks for being one of our very first visitors!!! :0)

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