Queen of Zoom, and Our New Monthly Giveaway…

queen_blogPits, pits and more pits! Just a small shout-out to a blog we discovered by chance — well, chance, and also because she posted a link on our Facebook page!

Queen of Zoom posted this pic of our Pocket Pittie Willow on her blog and we wanted to say “Thank you!” with a $100.00 donation to her favorite local animal shelter or rescue group.  And that got us thinking: why not do it once a month?

So if YOU happen to get a CharlieDog plush toy or bracelet, and post a picture of the toy “in action” on your blog (plus a link to it on our Facebook page, so we know it’s out there), we’ll include you in a monthly draw for a $100 donation to the rescue/shelter of your choice.  In your name. :0)

Thanks, Queen of Zoom!

Plush Pitbull Pocket Pittie "Willow" is from the CharlieDog and Friends plush pitbull collection


2 thoughts on “Queen of Zoom, and Our New Monthly Giveaway…

  1. Thanks again, this is such an honor! I would like to have the check sent to WHS, which is where we adopted three of our dogs from:

    Washington Humane Society
    Attn: Development Office
    7319 Georgia Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20012

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